From Zero to Hero

“Deals on Wheels” is a start-up that redefines the traditional understanding of the car sales business. The company provides its services online and does everything – in fact EVERYTHING – to ensure that clients are satisfied. Love for your work, passion and sincere desire to help our clients is a great recipe for success, and it works flawlessly.

A little detail, but customers need to know that someone wants to help them. How to do this?

Aggressive communication is now the road to victory in social spaces and in the media.

Deals on Wheels always stands right by its clients, is not afraid to challenge inappropriate Regulation and competitors, and is proactive in communicating to the media.

As a result, “Deals on wheels” has become one of the most recognizable brands in the automotive market.

The media research and analysis company Mediaskopas undertook a communication study for first quarter of 2021. It showed that 52,5% of all car sales business articles mentioned “Deals on Wheels”. The closest competitors were more than three times behind.

And this gave very tangible results in terms of income.

First, representatives of Tesla in Poland were attracted to “Deals on Weels”, who got an exceptional opportunity to sell these electric vehicles in Lithuania.

Second, at the beginning of the year, “Deals on Wheels” caught the eye of an investor, who acquired 10 percent of the start-up shares for 250 thousand euro.

Third, active communication attracted so many new customers that the number of salespeople had to double.

Sounds like a victory? You bet it’s a victory!