International award for crisis management

The worst crises happen when you expect them the least.

For example, on a hot summer Friday, on the last day of the holidays, every Tele2 customer abroad had no service.

It wasn’t the fault of the company, but of a partner in Switzerland. But who cares about that?
Tens of thousands of people suddenly could no longer call or use the Internet. They were worried: their relatives in Lithuania were worried.

And the company was at risk of losing a well-earned reputation overnight, for many years.

Did it lose its reputation?


Fast, open and fair communication, tight work with the media and operational management of information meant that there were more positive than negative articles on the crisis.

Clients saw the company’s efforts in tackling the problem, and later forgot it ever happened.

The risk was contained, and the business did not suffer any losses.

The company even received international recognition. For managing the crisis, Tele2 won a bronze statue at the Stevie World Business Awards.